Benefits of Licensing

There are three methods for obtaining and licensing Microsoft products:

Volume Licensing
Volume Licensing provides a flexible and economical way to acquire and centrally manage a variety of Microsoft products. Designed for organizations that require anywhere from five to thousands of licenses, Microsoft has a number of volume licensing options available.
OEM/System Builder
OEM/System Builder licenses are sold as part of finished systems that are preloaded with the software. With this option, the license is tied to the hardware and cannot be transferred to another system.
Full Packaged Product
Full Packaged Product (FPP) is boxed, shrink-wrapped software acquired through retailers and resellers. This option is for consumers who are looking for a small number of software licenses, and it is typically the most expensive method of obtaining software.

Why Choose Volume Licensing?

Volume licensing makes it easier and more affordable to run software on multiple computers within an organization.

Cost savings
By centralizing software purchases within the Microsoft Volume Licensing program, your organization can leverage the power of companywide pricing, which lowers operating and maintenance costs. Save additional money by eliminating the expense of physical media, user guides, and packaging.

In today’s flexible working environment, single-platform, desktop-only solutions aren’t typically sufficient. Employees need access to systems and software from multiple devices that they can use anywhere, at any time, which makes licensing a complex task. Microsoft Volume Licensing programs offer a number of solutions that address nearly every workplace scenario, making accurate licensing an attainable goal.

Easy administration
FPP and OEM/System Builder licensing requires physical tracking for compliance; Volume Licensing agreements are tracked electronically, which eliminates the burden of tracking licensing compliance. Your organization can easily administer, track, and manage licenses though the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center. This online portal provides a convenient dashboard experience where you can view your agreement summary, download products and product keys, and obtain any additional licensing benefits such as Software Assurance.

Open Licensing Programs

Microsoft makes volume licensing available in a variety of programs that are optimized to deliver the right level of pricing and benefits for your organization.

Open Business - Open Value - Open Value Company-wide - Open Value Subscription

For customers looking for a simplified transaction with no term obligation and few benefits, the Open Business program offers a one-time, discounted license purchase.

Open Value and Open Value Company-wide programs deliver maximum flexibility with the most benefits. Both programs are based on a 3-year licensing agreement, and offer the option of annualized payments that enable you to spread the cost out over time. They also offer Software Assurance benefits that extend the value of your licensing purchase with 24x7 product support, TechNet subscription services, e-Learning, Home User Rights (on applicable products), and upgrade rights during the term of the agreement. Open Value Company-wide offers even lower pricing for customers who want to standardize their entire organization (5-desktop minimum).

Open Value Subscription delivers the same licensing as Open Value, but as the name indicates, it is a subscription that must be maintained in order to maintain the use rights. Unlike Open Value and Open Value Company-wide, if you choose to cancel the Open Value Subscription, you lose the rights to the license.

Downgrade Rights

Downgrade rights grant the right to use prior versions of Microsoft software. Microsoft Volume Licensing programs include specific downgrade rights. Downgrade rights provide the flexibility to allow your organization to maintain systems and solutions running previous versions of Microsoft products. Once your organization is ready for the current licensed version, simply upgrade your environment.

Software Assurance

Many of Microsoft’s Open Licensing programs deliver the benefits of Software Assurance to make them work. So what is Software Assurance?

Software Assurance (SA) is a comprehensive Microsoft maintenance program that unlocks the full flexibility for accessing and running the latest versions of your licensed products. SA benefits include software upgrades during the term of the coverage, end-user eLearning, 24x7 web support, and access to Microsoft’s comprehensive technical reference collection called TechNet.

How can your organization take advantage of Software Assurance? The US Licensing Group can help you discover all the benefits.

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